Do you suffer with low back pain?

Whilst we’ve conducted virtual consultations over the past few months, we have continued to develop our services to ensure that we can support you in any way possible.

We are incredibly grateful for your survey feedback and have responded by putting together a series of new online resources. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we are able to announce our new “free advice guides”, blog and webinar series.

The latter, we think, is particularly exciting; with low back pain being the first of our online presentations. These will combine our clinical experience with the latest evidence-based guidelines to ensure that you are the driver of your rehabilitation. Our webinars and resources will not have a viewing limit; therefore, you will be able to access these whenever required.

So, could this be the solution to your low back pain?

We go by the premise that educating patients leads to an increased knowledge and understanding of their injury. This presentation is no different, as we provide a commentary for the evidence surrounding low back pain prevalence, anatomy, symptoms and management. For the latter, we will be discussing the strategies which can assist in reducing your pain. These include; lifestyle factors, sleep, diet, fear avoidance, desk ergonomics, activity modification, exercise and how therapists can assist throughout your rehabilitation.


In addition, we will be discussing the symptoms that our patients commonly report to us and the signs that we recommend looking out for. We know that there is lots of information available about low back pain and some of this is not necessarily “correct”. Therefore, throughout our webinar, we will be busting the myths which are often associated with the condition. We hope that, in doing so, this will appease some of your concerns surrounding the pains you may be experiencing. That said, we wanted to do more than just deliver an educational resource.


We provide you with the action plan… 


To ensure you have the tools required to kickstart your rehabilitation, we’ve included 10+ resources which will support you throughout the process. These encompass; structured rehabilitation plans, advice on how you can build activity into your everyday life, lifestyle modification strategies and methods to improve sleep quality. Moreover, we have worked in collaboration with our partners to provide you with discounts on pillows, mattresses and nutritional supplements. In doing so, we have ensured that you have the resources required for a holistic approach to managing your pain.


Keeping updated…


Our first presentation will be launching in a few weeks’ time and can be found here. Should you wish to learn more about our webinar series, please subscribe to our email updates. We have a sign up on our facebook page so please head over to that so that we can notify you when this is available for you to access.


Thank you and as always, our very best wishes. We look forward to seeing you soon.


The Allsports Therapy team.


P.S. If you know of someone who might also benefit from our advice and guidance, feel free to direct them to the “patient resources” section of our website where we have some free downloads on a whole range of topics …they might find something that is of HUGE value to them!