Personal Training at Allsports Therapy can help you achieve YOUR fitness and well-being goals

Get the results you want to achieve with our experienced personal trainers. We also offer Home Personal Training options, whereby our exercise professionals can train you in your home environment.

  • Highly experienced personal trainers
  • On-site gym and studio
  • Home personal training sessions available (subject to location)
  • Experienced in training the local community through to professional athletes
  • Direct contact with trainers to ensure results are being achieved
  • 5 star customer feedback on our treatments and service

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What does Personal Training entail?

Personal Trainers are fitness professionals involved in exercise prescription, instruction and education. They begin by setting health and fitness goals and then using measures to determine the extent of any improvements in fitness, health or well-being.

Each session is customised to the client and incorporates various training methods including cardiovascular, resistance and core strength/stability training, alongside nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Our Personal trainers specialise in a wide variety of areas including…

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle building/toning
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Functional and sports specific movement
  • Increasing fitness and flexibility

Personal Training at Allsports Therapy

Our team are passionate about health and fitness and therefore offer personal training so no matter what your goal, you will have a friendly, supporting and experienced member of our team offering you support, advice and encouragement until you achieve your goals.

We know that most people want to feel fitter, stronger, more toned and have great energy levels without having to reach for that coffee cup! Our aim is to introduce an exercise programme that develops over time. This alongside easy to follow nutritional advice will set you up for those changes you’ve been hoping for.

All our clients receive an in-depth musculoskeletal screening & biomechanical assessment along with a tailored exercise programme.

What to expect from one of our sessions?

  • Goal orientated workout based on what you need and want to reach
  • Corrective exercise which will be based on your individual strengths and weakness assessed through physical and subjective examination
  • Balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercise using a variety of methods and equipment

Why choose Allsports Therapy for your Personal Training

With the Personal Training industry, you will find that each trainer is different in their approach. The important thing is that you find a trainer that is focused on you and your goals. Our trainers start by discussing these elements with you to ensure you are both on the same wavelength and striving to achieve the goals YOU set.

We are confident that our trainers are adaptable and will alter your training regime depending on your requirements to not only make it effective, but also enjoyable. That’s why we believe that if you love your training, then you will have a much better chance in keeping the results you achieve for the long-term.

If attending a gym isn’t for you, we also offer Home Personal Training options, whereby our exercise professionals can train you in your home environment, without the need to attend a gym. We have some regional coverage within Hampshire so please contact us for more information on trainers and locations.

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Why choose Allsports Therapy to help with your health and fitness goals

Hands on approach

Physical & Fitness Assessment

We perform a thorough assessment to determine your baseline figures before we begin.

No waiting for appointments

You set your training & lifestyle goals

Your trainer will work with you to set the goals you want to achieve.

Feeling whole lot better

Feel great, see results!

Not only will you feel better from the training, but with regular assessments, you will be able to see results on paper, too.

To book an appointment or speak to our clinical lead, please call us on

07515 174 462

(Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 1pm)

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Our Personal Training fees

We’re confident you won’t find the same level of service at a better price

Our experienced trainers use effective, evidence-based strategies to help you achieve your goals in a pre-determined time frame. We also strive to help you change your habits to have it work in with your lifestyle and support you in making better decisions when it comes to your exercise and nutrition.

Personal Training

Personal Training session (1 hour) £55.00

Block book (6 x 1 hour sessions) £300.00

Personal Training & Programme (6 x 1 hour sessions) £320.00

Personal Training FAQs

Nope! If you get in touch with our team, we can arrange to train you within the gym to which we are located. We will ensure all the appropriate health questionnaires are complete, giving you use of the space and equipment the gym has to provide with the experience of training methods of our experienced trainers.

Upon getting in touch with us, we will arrange a consultation with you before you start any training. During this time, we will make sure you are suitable to work with us, and we are suitable to work with you. Any medical conditions, medications or injury history will be discussed so please come prepared with any relevant information.

Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced in working with people with a whole range of medical conditions. It may be worth looking through our testimonials to see the types of conditions people have had and are still heavily benefitting from training with us.