Our team offer a range of injury treatments. The treatment modality recommended will be based on your requirements.

The optimal treatment modality for you will partly be determined when you initially get in touch with our injury clinic and then further by your therapist during your initial consultation. Please see below for examples of the range of injury treatments our clinic offers…

Sports Therapy Clinic Alton

Sports Therapy

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Sports Massage Therapy Hampshire

Sports Massage Therapy

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Injury Rehabilitation Hampshire

Injury Rehabilitation

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Personal Training Hampshire

Personal Training

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Acupuncture Hampshire


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Physiotherapy Hampshire


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Athletic and Kinesiology Taping Hampshire

Kinesiology Taping

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Injury rehabilitation Treatment

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

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At Allsports Therapy Alton we treat a wide range of conditions through various treatment modalities, provided by a team of professionals

Our sports injury clinic in Alton consists of a team of experienced practitioners who are skilled in a number of treatment modalities. If you are unsure of your potential diagnosis or uncertain as to what treatment modalities are suitable for you, not a problem…that’s for us to work out and explain everything to you.

All you need to do is get in touch with the clinic, arrange an initial consultation and one of our experienced team can discuss with you your symptoms, provide a physical examination and help you understand your injury better. If we aren’t suitable or feel we can’t help you, the likelihood is we’ll know someone who can!

Our therapists are registered with their respective governing bodies...