Therapy supplies so you get the most out of your rehabilitation, exercise & performance

Allsports Therapy has partnered with Physique as they provide our members with a great range of your favourite products including massage equipment, sports healthcare, therapy essentials and much more.

Physique offers…

✓ Excellent product quality and stock availability

✓ Fast and flexible delivery options

✓ Regular great deals and save up to 25% on over 100 Therapy Essentials in their 4 for 3 mix and match offer.

✓ Dedicated team offering experienced product advice

✓ Exclusive 10% off non promotional products members

Physique works with the world’s leading brands, medical professionals, clubs and organisations to bring you their top-rated products and service.



Physique products

Whilst we have a small stock of equipment within the clinic, we use such a wide array of equipment to tailor each programme to the individual that it’s not feasible to keep it all in house.

This is another reason why we’ve teamed up with Physique…allowing you to go straight to the supplier and order what you need.

Disclaimer: Allsports Therapy have an affiliate programme with Physique. This means we get a very small commission from any purchases made through our affiliate links. This is at no extra cost to you, but actually enables us to offer you the discount off the products. We have opted to work with physique as we feel the products are of good quality and they are a local company that offer speedy delivery. We hope you agree and see purchases made through Physique as also supporting Allsports Therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

By clicking on Physique’s logo at the top of the page, this will take you to the store. You’ll notice that you’ll receive a 10% discount at the checkout on non-promotional goods.

Just another little perk of being a client of Allsports Therapy.