We treat conditions that result from occupational, sporting or day-to-day use – helping with more than “just sports injuries”

Our skilled therapists have had years of training and experience which ensures they are qualified to assess and treat a vast range of conditions. We may specialise in sporting injuries, but day-to-day we treat and have great success with a whole range of occupational, repetitive stress and acute injuries.

Age isn’t an issue when it comes to the approach our team have with providing healthcare. Each of our Therapists have worked with various age groups from the elderly (including reducing falls risks and arthritis care) to adolescents (particularly kids suffering from growth related conditions or pain that is keeping them from playing the sport they love).

The range of conditions our Therapists are capable of treating is exhaustive, but to give you an idea, common areas/conditions we treat include:

  • Back/neck pain
  • Trapped nerves
  • Headaches
  • Golfers/tennis elbow
  • Postural discrepancies
  • Cartilage problems
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Shin splints
  • Achilles pain
  • Ankle sprains
  • Damaged tendons
  • Stiff Joints
  • Arthritis
  • Torn/damaged ligaments
  • Pre/post-operative rehab
  • Knee injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Slipped discs
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Sciatica

Symptoms you may be experiencing & conditions we commonly see in clinic include…

  • Neck & Back pain; may experience pain or stiffness in the neck or lower back with prolonged sitting, standing or upon waking in the morning.
  • Trapped nerves; sharp, shooting pains radiating from the spine along a limb and may associated pins & needles, numbness and/or weakness.
  • Headaches; pain felt above the eyes across the forehead, around the ‘temples’ of the skull or radiating up the back of the neck into the back of the head.

“It’s debilitating at times and I just need to dose myself up with painkillers to get through the day”

  • Golfers & tennis elbow; pain experienced with activity on the outside or inside of the elbow which may be felt into the wrist/hand. This often feels better with rest but then pain comes back when picking up object/opening jars/gripping.
  • Posture related pain; often associated with ‘poor,’ repetitive postures that can create aches, tightnesses and pain, often in the back/neck and shoulders.
  • Cartilage injuries; can emanate as deep, joint pain that can be difficult to settle, the joint may be swollen and painful with use.
  • Muscle imbalances; muscle size, strength or tightness imbalances can result in altered forces around a joint and cause pain/dysfunction.
  • Shin splints; pain felt along the inside or front of the shin, often getting worse with increased running/impact activity, can be very tender to touch.

“I’m finding it increasingly difficult to head out for a run before the pain kicks in and I just have to stop and hobble home”

  • Achilles tendon pain; often feels stiff in the morning, then gets easier once moving around, can then get worse with suddenly pushing off or with increased volumes of running, may feel thickened to touch.
  • Ankle sprains; going over on the ankle, pain may be felt on the inside or outside of the ankle, often associated with swelling, bruising and aching.
  • Damaged tendons; pain is often felt when suddenly stretching, reaching or with quick, repetitive movements. They may feel stiff after rest.
  • Stiff Joints; often felt after inactivity such as following sleeping, sitting in the evenings or at work. This can occur following an injury, an increase in activity or various other factors/conditions.
  • Arthritis; there are many different types including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, spondyloarthropathies etc.. Often associated with joint pain, swelling, stiffness upon waking, reduced joint movement & strength.

“I’ve been told I have arthritis and wear & tear. I don’t know if there’s much that can be done, but i’m just fed up with this pain and stiffness”

  • Torn/damaged ligaments; can occur anywhere throughout the body, often seen as pain and swelling around a joint following an injury/trauma.
  • Pre/post-operative rehabilitation; this includes an extensive list from arthroscopies to reconstructions. We communicate with surgeons and other healthcare professionals to assist with optimising recovery, looking at minimising pain and improving function.
  • Knee injuries; common complaints include pain, reduced movement, swelling, painful to weight-bear, often reported as unstable, giving way or locking. Downstairs more commonly problematic than upstairs.
  • Whiplash; following a sudden acceleration/deceleration to the spine, often from a motor vehicle incident, fall or being jolted. Can experience pain, stiffness, restricted movement, shooting pains, pins and needles and weakness.
  • Slipped/protruded discs; felt as back pain, often associated with bending forward, coughing or sneezing. Can occur following straining (such as when lifting a heavy object) and causing the spine to ’round’. Pain can be in the spine or radiate down the arms or legs.

“Some days I’m OK, then others I move suddenly, awkwardly, or cough and it just sets it off again. It can be unbearable, shooting right down to my ankle”

  • Shoulder injuries; often seen with overhead sports, swimming, DIY and gardening. Pain can be felt in the front, at the side or back of the joint, can radiate down the arm or up to the neck. Traumatic injuries can feel unstable. Often painful to lay on the side or when trying to get dressed.
  • Sciatica; pain emanating from the spine down into the buttock, back of the leg and can be felt down into the foot/ankle. Can be associated with pins & needles, numbness and/or weakness.

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