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Not knowing what to expect can be daunting and can mean prolonging or even preventing you from booking in to get your injury, ache or pain seen to. We don’t want this to be a barrier to you not getting better and therefore want to give you an insight as to what to expect.

We pride ourselves on a comfortable and friendly, yet professional clinical experience. Therefore as so to help ensure you have a great experience with us we will talk you through and support you throughout your recovery.

For more information, please read on so you know what to expect from Allsports Therapy, and what we will expect from you as our patient.

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What to expect at your first visit to Allsports Therapy

The clinic is located on the first floor in Results Health Club, on Alton High Street. Access to the facility is via stairs at the front and rear of the building.

If arriving by car, car parking is available out the back of the clinic in the Lady Walk’s Car Park. This operates on a pay-and-display basis and we recommend having two hours, giving time to arrive early and extra time at the end should your appointment over-run.

If accessibility is problematic, due to travel arrangements or due to the stair access into the clinic,  please discuss this with the clinic manager upon your initial call to discuss what options are available to you.

Upon arrival, please check in with the gym reception. Your Therapist will come and greet you when they become available. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time if possible so that we can collect Patient Personal Record form prior to your appointment and maximise the time you spend with your therapist.

You can print and fill out this form directly from the website and bring it with you if you so wish.

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Our therapists are registered with their respective governing bodies...

Please note: If you are under 16 years of age, you will need a parent/guardian to accompany you. If you are over 16 and would like a friend/family member to accompany, please feel free to do so. We may be able to arrange a chaperone to come in on your treatment should you wish but please request this in advance and prior to your appointment as we cannot guarantee availability on the day.

Therapy Clinic Initial Assessment

Your session will begin with a conversation with your therapist to discuss your case and your needs. Following this, a physical examination will be performed which will enable our therapists to form a working diagnosis. This will be explained to you, along with your recommended treatment options and an idea of expected outcomes.

We always try and allocate enough time to enable us to provide some form of treatment within this first session as well, along with advice so that you can help yourself progress day to day.

An hour is allocated for this initial session and we would expect you to bring shorts and a strap top (females) as your therapist will likely need to inspect the area of injury, as well as other joints that may be contributing to your condition.

Please feel free to ask your therapist questions about your condition or the treatment you are receiving at any time and they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

If your therapist feels treatment is not appropriate for your condition or if further investigations are required, they will discuss this with you and recommend what they deem the most beneficial options for you.

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Personal Training

Your initial consultation will start with a discussion between you and your trainer, whereby they will determine your current activity levels, interests and training and fitness goals.

Your trainer will then take you through a vigorous examination whereby we will be analysing your physical condition by means of a low intensity fit (VO2 Max) test, blood pressure, weight, body fat percentage, hydration levels, circumference measurements and postural and biomechanical analyses.

Together you and your trainer will form a training plan that fits your new training plan into your daily schedule, maximising your chances of achieving your health and fitness goals.

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Why chose Allsports Therapy as your go-to clinic

Tailored to you

Treated by Skilled Therapists

Our Therapists are all degree-trained with years of post-qualification experience.

Skilled therapists

Hands-on Approach

We use manual therapy, along with exercise therapy, sports massage etc. to ensure we are getting to the route of the problem

Feeling whole lot better

Ensure thorough results

We not only aim to get you better quickly, but aim to give you long-term strategies to help keep you pain & injury free.

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