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Allsports Therapy have teamed up with Mammoth Perks to help support you when it comes to choosing your mattress and pillows.

If you are looking to purchase any products from Mammoth Perks, use the code ALLSPORTS40 at the checkout for 40% off!

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The foundation to any recovery programme, be it from an injury, from sport and performance, from gym training or just from day to day life should ensure good quality sleep is being achieved. 

Everyone has their own preference in mattress/pillow and there is no formula to say what will be best for you. If it’s comfortable…it’s for you!

Disclaimer: Allsports Therapy have an affiliate programme with Mammoth Perks. This means we get a very small commission from any purchases made through our affiliate links. This is at no extra cost to you, but actually enables us to offer you the discount off the products. We have opted to work with Mammoth Perks as we feel the products are of good quality and will benefit a good number of our patients. We hope you agree and see purchases made through Mammoth Perks as also supporting Allsports Therapy.

Mammoth believe that sleep is the foundation for health and wellbeing. Those who wish to improve performance, enjoy quality of life and just feel great when they wake up each day, choose Mammoth.

Over the last 10 years Mammoth have brought cutting edge health products to the mattress and seating markets using advanced technologies and proven materials derived from British healthcare.

Products are scientifically tested under laboratory conditions, informed by industry experts and backed by world leading organisations. And they’ve won awards for innovations in the field of pressure relief and postural support.

As trusted partners to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and mattress suppliers to the likes of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Mammoth’s reputation in the health and fitness market is unrivalled.

Whether it’s athletes looking to make performance gains, a busy mum wanting to make the most of limited sleep or an elderly individual in desperate need of sleep without pain, the solution always starts with Mammoth’s unique Medical Grade Foam.

Mammoth also shares partnerships with the Rugby Players Associations of England, Ireland and Wales, as well as the Professional Cricketers Association and British Athletes Commission.

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Visit this website that contains videos and guides packed full of useful information that can help you to make good decisions regarding your sleeping habits. It has handy tips you can incorporate immediately, along with information on different mattresses & pillows.