Kinesiology taping can be useful at helping you to move more comfortably.

Kinesiology taping can be one of the treatments provided during your Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy sessions. It can help improve function by reducing pain with movement and providing a supportive sensation to the problematic area.

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Athletic & Kinesiology Taping at Allsports Therapy

A wide range of taping techniques have been used in combination with therapy treatments for years. At Allsports Therapy, we have had a lot of success using a number of different types of taping techniques in reducing pain and allowing our patients to return to daily and sporting activity.

As a result, should you need taping up in preparation for an event or to help your rehabilitation but do not require a full follow up, we offer a short session option so that we can perform the taping of your choice – ideal for if you are attending a marathon the next day or require a top-up to allow you to be comfortable at work or in the gym.

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Our Sports Therapists are all trained to provide acupuncture as part of their repertoire of available treatments.

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If your Therapist feels it may be beneficial for you, it can be provided at no extra cost to you.

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We find Acupuncture to be particularly effective when used in combination with our other treatment modalities.

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Kinesiology Taping FAQs

This really depends on the type of taping used and the setting to which it is used in.

Generally, we recommend keeping kinesiology tape on for up to 5 days, before removing it, cleaning and moisturising the skin.

If you are wearing it for sport or in water, then it may need to be removed after the activity. The longer you wear it for, the more dry the skin becomes underneath the tape and prolonged or repetitive use can result in blistering.

Your Therapist will discuss this with you before applying it to ensure safe use.

We recommend that if you have a severe contact allergy to plasters/glue, to avoid the use of this tape and to make your Therapist aware of this upon your initial consultation.

If you are unsure, your Therapist may recommend applying a small piece of the tape to the back of the hand and leaving it for a few hours following your session. If you do not have any adverse reactions to this, then it may be safe to apply.

The brand of tape we use at Allsports Therapy means that you can shower with the tape on, but we recommend you minimising how wet it gets and making sure you gently pat it dry after.

Bathing/swimming in the tape it possible but it will effect the adhesive and the elasticity of the tape therefore will mean it coming off much quicker.