Sports Massage Therapy is effective at relieving aches, pains and tension, throughout the body

Provided by skilled and extremely qualified therapists, our Sports Massage Therapy treatments use a range of techniques to help reduce restrictions, improve function and optimise recovery.

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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage is a form of deep tissue massage concerning the specific manipulation of soft tissue (skin, fascia, muscle etc.) in order to bring about a therapeutic and intense massage to structures at different depths for both healing and injury prevention purposes.

We often find sports massage therapy is commonly used as an adjunct to help with aches, pains and stiffness in the back or limbs, muscle tension, tightness, knots or fatigue, as a form of injury treatment, aid recovery from exercise/ regular physical activity, help with injury prevention, increase body mobility, flexibility and movement, aid lymphatic drainage and promote whole body well-being.

Sports Massage Therapy at Allsports Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy is performed by our skilled Sports Therapists or Physiotherapists. Our Therapists have been through extensive and degree-level education to ensure the techniques used are backed by scientific evidence.

Deep tissue massage is achieved using Swedish massage techniques, alongside more specific techniques in the realms of manual therapy. We commonly use this at Allsports Therapy as an adjunct to other treatments including manual therapy, exercises and advice.

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Why choose Sports Massage Therapy at Allsports Therapy…

Tailored to you

Provided by skilled therapists

Our Therapists are all Degree-qualified and have a huge knowledge-base to maximise effectiveness and safety.

Skilled therapists

Soft tissue/deep tissue treatments

Your Therapist will judge the depth of treatment based on your needs and requirements and explain everything to you throughout.

Feeling whole lot better

Effective at reducing pain

Muscular and fascial tension throughout the body can cause a wide array of aches/pains, this is a great way of relieving them.

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Our Sports Massage Therapy fees

We’re confident you won’t find the same level of service at better price

Our experienced team apply proven and effective techniques to help you get back to full fitness safely, as soon as possible. All sessions will be accompanied by self-treatment techniques to help you keep pain and tension at bay.

Sports Massage Therapy

60 minutes £55.00

45 minutes £45.00

30 minutes £35.00

Sports Therapy FAQs

It does this by producing an increase blood flow to the muscle. Massage will push toxins and degenerative cells that have gathered around the injury into the blood stream to be flushed away via the lymph which is moved into the blood and away from the muscles. This is helpful as when there is an injury the muscles may not be contracting sufficiently to move the lymph back into the circulatory system.

Lymph is a clear colourless liquid that contains the waste matter is moved forward to the excretory organs. The new blood carries fresh nutrients to the area that has been cleansed, so aiding the healing process.

It can also get rid of those knots, or trigger points, that can form in the muscles by using sustained pressure on that point. This can reduce tightness and referred pain in the muscles.

So you will find that a sports massage is really useful to;

  • Reduce the time that muscles are fatigued and muscle sore
  • Muscles can become more supple and resilient due to increased flexibility increased
  • Injury can be prevented by keeping muscles balanced, relaxed and free from trigger points
  • Muscle cell circulation, metabolism and nutrition for repair and growth will be increased

At Allsports Therapy we can help with;

  • Pre-event massage is used to stimulate the athlete mentally and physically prior to competition.
  • Post-event massage is performed after hard training or an event to ease the tired aching muscles, remove waste products, and enhance recovery following demanding exercise.
  • Injury prevention massage is regular massage used to identify and eliminate potential injurious tissues.
  • Tissue healing massage techniques can be used at various stages of healing to enhance the natural healing process.

Sports Massage can be for anyone whether you take part in sport or not. It might be that you have sustained an injury playing your sport or want to reduce tension and tightness.

It can be effective for sedentary workers who have that ‘crick in the neck’ from using a computer all day or people who have aches and pains that they want to have some relief from (such as in osteoarthritis).