Can collagen supplements help my recovery?

Collagen supplementation is a topic that has been coming up in conversation with our Therapists more and more of late. With some members of the Allsports Therapy team working within elite sport, we tend to be at the forefront of current best practice, along with what’s emerging in terms of assisting recovery, be it for performance or recovering from an injury.

“So, what’s this collagen supplementation all about?

…What I mean by that is…is it going to help me recover?”

In order to explain more regarding the potential benefits, discuss the science and it’s potential benefits to you, we thought we would write a blog and present the evidence.

It does HOWEVER appear that someone has beat us to it…and so why reinvent the wheel?

The role of collagen supplementation in nutrition strategies.

We hope you get the answers you need from the above article. The references are kindly included at the bottom of the page too in case you want to read further into the studies.

For now though, feel free to bring this up in conversation with your Therapist if you’re wondering if this might be of benefit to you and your recovery.


The Allsports Therapy team.


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