Want a programme to kick-start your training regime and see great results?

What can you do in 3 months to drastically change your health and well-being for the long-term? What if you were offered a 12 week transformation that could not only change the way you look, but change the way you feel about yourself?

Our 12 week transformation is an intense blend of regular workouts and daily eating regime, to induce optimal levels of fat burning combined with muscle building to ensure fast and effective results that, unlike a lot of those crash diets, have maintainable results that will see a huge change in not only how you look in the mirror but your outlook on lifestyle and diet.

This is a no “fads,” long-term results driven programme

This process has been tried and tested on one of our very own directors and over the years has been perfected and developed based on over 15 years of working one on one with clientele in the industry, numerous hours of research and completing several diplomas and degrees along the way.

We are very happy with this programme and can proudly say its improved many peoples health but also helped them in their outlook to how food affects their energy levels, mood and general well-being. Improving them mentally as well as physically, I think you’ll agree with me when I say absolutely priceless!

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What can you expect from our 12 week transformation programme?

During the initial consultation, your trainer will take all your baseline figures (weight, body fat percentage, circumferences, amongst others) and run through how the transformation plan works. They will give you a thorough insight into what is expected nutritionally as well as from an exercise perspective.

Further to this, you will then start your journey, booking in weekly appointments with your personal trainer to learn new training techniques and ensuring you keep up by providing scientific rational alongside constant motivation to get those results you crave!

We currently have trainers located in Alton and Southampton, but also have trainers available that come to you. Please contact info@allsportstherapy.co.uk for more information about how we can help you with your transformation and a trainer will be in touch to discuss it with you.

Coming Soon

6 week Kick-Start Programme is coming to Allsports Therapy soon.

This programme has been designed by our team of experienced trainers to make sure that when you’re ready to get started with a new regime, have the momentum and the get-go to make some serious changes to your lifestyle and improve your health and fitness, we will look to maximise this opportunity and launch you towards your goals.

Want to find out more regarding what this will entail and be the first to hear when it is going to be released, then get in touch by calling 07515 174 462.

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Why choose Allsports Therapy for your healthy transformation

Fitness and lifestyle assessment

Fitness & lifestyle assessment

We begin by measuring markers that can be used throughout to track your progress.

Diet simplicity

Plan implemented to your lifestyle

We provide recommendations as to what and when to train & eat, based on what works for you & your lifestyle

Feeling whole lot better

Results driven

Our aim is to achieve the goals you set with us in our initial meeting.

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12 Week transformation plan costs

We’re confident you won’t find the same level of service at better price

Our experienced team apply proven and effective techniques to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our aim is to help people live healthier, happier lives full of energy, better sleep and feeling great day to day.

Packages tailored to you

Please get in touch to find out more regarding pricing options for our 12 week transformation plans.