Treatment and Training

Professional therapy services that come to your place of work to save you time and your company money

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you need some therapy treatments whilst your at work due to muscle and joint tension? Or that you wish you could do a little more activity at work to help keep fit and healthy?

Are you a manager…

It is thought back pain contributes to almost 7-8 days per employee lost through absenteeism which is 3.4% of the total working time per year.  These absences cost the industry on average £10 billion a year, which as an employer costs you on average £800 per year per employee.

If an employee was to go see their GP they would likely be provided with some analgesia and be referred to see a NHS Physiotherapist, who often have waiting lists of 13 weeks. Depending on the complaint, this may mean time off work.  This could be avoided through quick appointments, appropriate manual therapy treatment, strengthening the correct muscles, postural exercises and education as to the reasons why they are getting problems and how to prevent this in the future.

As a result, we offer fast and effective treatments provided by professional Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists that can be conducted within your place of work. Depending on your facilities, we can either provide treatments at the work station or in a small, separate room using equipment we bring with us.


  • Improving well-being of their staff, with improved staff satisfaction and potentially productivity
  • Reduced sick-days lost by staff and reduced need for early retirement due to stress and low back pain (therefore potential financial savings)
  • Use of this company benefit to Increase appeal to potential new staff

Are you a member of staff…

Would you take the option of being treated at your place of work if others were? Allowing you to not have to take time off work to travel to the clinic and provide you with interventions that are specific to your place of work? We offer support from professional Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists that can provide such services.


  • Reduced treatment fees
  • Quick access to these interventions rather than waiting for NHS appointments
  • Increased health, well-being, mood and work satisfaction

For more information on the types of treatments and exercise we can perform or if you have a specific problem that you would like us to investigate to understand injury rates and how to prevent these at your place of work, contact us at and one of our clinic managers will be in touch.