Sports Massage – How does it work?

Who wants to know?

Being in around the gym and teaching spin classes I have noticed that people want to have more understanding about what sports massage is and what it can do for them. They become really interested when they realise that sports massage can assist in reducing recovery time if they have an injury. They are then relieved to know that sports massage can also prevent injury by ensuring that muscles are in balance and relaxed. This is appealing as people just do not want to miss their classes or workouts.

However what people often do not realise is that sports massage is equally effective for sedentary workers who have for example that ‘crick in the neck’ from using a computer all day or people who have general aches and pains that they want to have some relief from.

So how does it work?

…… here comes the science bit as they say! Massage works by producing an increase blood flow to the muscle. It pushes the toxins and degenerative cells, which have gathered around the injury, into the blood stream. It is then flushed away via the lymph which is moved into the blood and away from the muscles is moved forward to the excretory organs. Lymph is a clear colourless liquid that contains the waste matter. Actually it is not unusual for people to get a blocked nose during the massage. Massage is helpful because when there is an injury the muscles may not be contracting sufficiently to move the lymph back into the circulatory system. The new blood to the area carries blood that has been cleansed with fresh nutrients, so aiding the healing process.

Massage can also get rid of those knots, or trigger points, that can form in the muscles by using sustained pressure on that point. This can reduce tightness and referred pain in the muscles.

So you will find that a sports massage is really useful to reduce the time that muscles are fatigued and sore, muscles can become more supple and resilient due to increased flexibility, injury will be prevented by keeping muscles balanced, relaxed and free from trigger points and muscle cell circulation, metabolism and nutrition for repair and growth will be increased.

Still unsure?

If you are unsure if sports massage can be beneficial for your condition or you have any other questions relating to sports massage please feel free to contact one of the Allsports Therapy clinics to ask any further questions you have and discuss how we can help.

You can contact us at to find out more information. One of our therapists would be happy to discuss through the details and determine if it may be appropriate for you.

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