Sports Therapy can be effective at assessing and treating aches and pains

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy is an area of healthcare providing the assessment, treatment and prevention of injuries with rehabilitation back to full participation and optimal levels of fitness. It brings together the principles of sports science and anatomy and physiology to offer any individual, regardless of sporting application, an education into the injury and the chance to regain complete function and conditioning, whether they aim to participate in an elite sporting situation or being able to comfortably go about their everyday activities. Sports Therapy treatment may be appropriate if you experience any aches, pains, discomfort or stiffness, pins & needles or tingling, burning or heavy sensations, numbness or loss of strength or function.

Sports Therapy at Allsports Therapy

At Allsports Therapy we rate our Sports Therapists highly. Not only are they skilled practitioners, but they pay attention to detail and are known for providing effective ‘hands-on’ treatment to help promote the healing process. Our Sports Therapists communicate with our Physiotherapist, Personal Trainers and other healthcare professionals. They are well-equipped to deal with aches and pains from recreational to professional sport as well as injuries sustained from day-to-day activities, such as work or gardening.

A common question we get asked is “do I need a Physiotherapist or a Sports Therapist”. This is not always an easy answer and often depends on the practitioner rather than the profession. We are confident that we have skilled therapists in each profession and therefore there is much overlap between the two. Please get in touch if you are unsure who you need to see and we will discuss with you your options.

Please visit our clinic locations to confirm which of our Allsports Therapy clinics offer Sports Therapy.