Personal Training can help you achieve your fitness and well-being goals

Personal Training

Personal Trainers are fitness professionals involved in exercise prescription, instruction and education. They begin by setting goals and then using measures to determine the extent of any improvements in fitness, health or well-being. Each session is customised to the client and incorporates various training methods including cardiovascular, resistance and core strength/stability training, alongside nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Personal Training at Allsports Therapy

With the Personal Training industry, you will find that each trainer is different in their approach. The important thing is that you find a trainer that is focused on you and your goals. Our trainers start by discussing these elements with you to ensure you are both on the same wavelength and striving to achieve the goals YOU set. We are confident that our trainers are adaptable and will alter your training regime depending on your requirements to not only make it effective, but also enjoyable. We believe that if you love your training, then you will have a much better chance in keeping the results you achieve for the long-term.

Please visit our clinic locations to confirm which of our Allsports Therapy clinics offer Personal Training.

We also offer Home Personal Training options, whereby our exercise professionals can train you in your home environment, without the need to attend a gym. We have some regional coverage with this in Hampshire so please contact us for more information on trainers and locations.