Injury Rehabilitation can help speed up your return to your daily activities

Post-operative, Sporting & Occupational Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation at Allsports Therapy

Recovering from injury can be a tedious and frustrating time. Our therapists and trainers work closely with you, taking your injury/surgery into consideration, to formulate a rehabilitation regime. With this your therapist/trainer will guide you through your regime, ensuring correct technique to maximise recovery success, and encouraging you to be in control of your rehabilitation.

If you have post-operative notes/instructions from your surgeon, please bring these with you so that we can determine the most effective rehabilitation procedure and stay in close communication with your surgeon. Once you are returning back to your normal daily activities, we will often write to your surgeon/GP to update them on your progress so that everyone involved in your rehabilitation is kept up to date with your progress.

Please visit our clinic locations to confirm which of our Allsports Therapy clinics offer injury rehabilitation.