Athletic & Kinesiology Taping can help you perform at your best

Athletic & Kinesiology Taping

Calf kinesio tapeAthletic & Kinesiology Taping at Allsports Therapy

A wide range of taping techniques have been used in combination with therapy treatments for years. At Allsports Therapy, we have had a lot of success using a number of different types of taping techniques in reducing pain and allowing our patients to return to daily and sporting activity. As a result, should you need taping up in preparation for an event or to help your rehabilitation but do not require a full follow up, we offer a short session option so that we can perform the taping of your choice – ideal for if you are attending a marathon the next day or require a top-up to allow you to be comfortable at work or in the gym.

Kinesio tape knee
Kinesio tape Osteoathritis knee
Planter fasciitis taping
Kinesio tape golfers elbow