GP & Insurance Referrals

We are registered with a number of private medical insurance companies

Our Physiotherapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and therefore are recognised by most private medical insurance companies. Locations of our Physiotherapists may vary so please contact us for more information to confirm which Physiotherapists are available in your area. The location of our Physiotherapist’s will determine which of our practices are able to accept insurance-covered treatment.

To date, we have not set-up direct links with local GP’s as we feel it is important for patients to have freedom of choice in choosing who they wish to seek advice and help from. We are however regularly in contact with local GP’s to ensure thorough patient care – whether it be a request for further investigations or for a discharge report to update them on your progress with us (if you require one).

If you have any further questions regarding whether your private medical insurance is covered by any of our practices, please contact us at or call 07843 166706.

Please note: Some insurance companies are currently applicable to the Southampton clinic only, and are registered by Cura Healthcare Physiotherapy Clinic.

Physiotherapy Private Medical Insurance