Nutritional advice and consultations to ensure your eating habits compliment your training regime

Nutrition advice

Allsports Therapy have a wide variety of fitness professionals and experts in different fields of healthcare, one of which being nutrition.

This can be as simple as you want it to be, if you try to do any research into healthy eating or diet plans, you will no doubt have across come terms such as macro-nutrients, complex carbohydrates, mono saturates, the list is endless. But it really doesn’t have to be as complicated as all these terms sound. We do not tend to follow trends and “faddy” extreme dieting, but instead base much of our training and advice on evidence-based training principles.

Our trainers and nutritional experts offer great insight and advice into simple healthy eating for all types of goals and lifestyles including fat burning and weight loss, muscle building, strength and weight training and preparation for body building.

What can you expect?

Booking for a session at one of our clinics, we will ask you for a food diary to get an idea of what your “normal” routine is at present and based on this; discuss how we can move forward, where you are potentially going wrong and what changes to consider implementing with some useful tips along the way. Following your feedback, we will put together a suggested diet plan and to ensure you get the results you crave, see you regularly through the early stages to talk about your changes and how you feel the progress is going. Our team will also be at the end of a phone or email for regular updates and feedback from all our nutritional experts and personal trainers if needed.

Useful Tips

  • Drink lots of water – especially when working out as you are made up of over 70% water
  • Eat before you shop – avoiding the temptation to over-indulging/shopping food
  • Consider fibrous foods/’carbs’ to keep you regular and the body finds these easier to process
  • Eat regularly and don’t be scared of ‘carbs’ – as they are important in keeping a high/fast metabolism and a great source of energy.

To book a nutritional consultation, please contact your local clinic and we will advise you on who is available for you to see.