We love to share and celebrate the results our clients have worked hard to achieve

Angela Carter’s Journey…“Reclaim my body programme”

I undertook the 12 week transformation programme primarily because I wanted to change my body shape and increase my fitness level and both were achieved!

With the support of Allsports Therapy’s personal trainers and sports therapists I worked my way through the exercise programme and kept to the prescribed eating plan. Initially I found eating up to five meals a day a daunting prospect, but found I soon got in to the routine of preparing the meals in advance and I was never hungry as I was constantly eating.

I discovered that a combination of eating the right things, and keeping to the exercise plan was key to achieving my goal. Apart from the noticeable change in my body shape, I was amazed at the change in the condition of my skin, the reduction of puffiness around the eyes and even the small scar on my leg seemed to be less noticeable! Although the programme is a serious challenge, and at times hard work, it was enjoyable – especially when people started to notice the change in my body and compliment me.

The day I could buy a size 8 dress was so exciting and I have vowed never to go back to size 14 (actually I was nearer 16 really!) It is fantastic to be able to go into a shop and buy whatever I want to wear, and so annoying when they only have it in a bigger size! I have kept my new body for over a year and my body fat has continued to drop. Although I treat myself to indulgences now and again I have found keeping to the eating plan in between has not been hard and has maintained my new body.

I have been calling the programme the ‘reclaim my body’ programme because I made a conscious decision that I would be in control of my body and get it back to where it should be, and not allow the pressures that were all around to dictate how I had become.

12 week transformation12 week transformationAngela week 1 Beginning of programme
Angela week 12 End of intensive programme12 week transformation12 week transformation

and beginning of sustainable programme

Stephen Ward's Journey… “Get fit, look Healthy”

Being a regular gym member, eating well & excited by new challenges it seemed logical that I would sign up to this 12 week plan with James. I was struggling in my work outs I wasn’t progressing body shape, my workouts were becoming boring & I felt my fitness had dropped.

After the initial consultation with James it was clear from the pictures he had taken that I had bad posture, little tone, my body fat was too high & my fitness levels were average.

By the end of the 12 weeks the results were well worth the effort, dedication & time invested. My posture, shape & body fat had all seen big changes & my fitness levels had peaked to Elite along with my confidence.

So is it easy? No! It will required hard effort plenty of discipline & encouragement which James offers during the PT sessions & in the gym. The Eating plan at first will seem impossible but it just requires a bit of thought & getting used too. Being an ex-chef I thought I was food savvy but this plan taught me a lot about food & how to eat a well-balanced meal. Interesting enough this food plan gave me more energy throughout the whole day, I felt more awake in the morning & even in the afternoon & that’s never happened. I was never hungry & so never needed to snack.

The other advantage was my gym knowledge, I had learnt so much from James about the body & different exercises that I’m know able to workout & change my workouts whenever & of course the 12 week eating plan is now part of my daily routine except the weekends :))

Pictures from iPhone unfortunately….

12 week transformation male 2Stephen week 1
Beginning of programme12 week transformation male 1

Stephen week 12
End of intensive programme12 week transformation male 412 week transformation male 3

and beginning of sustainable programme

Mathew Bishop's Journey... "A story in the making"

Starting Weight
Feb 15, 2014
231.4 Lbs.
Roughly 25% Body Fat

End Of First 12 Weeks
Jun 8th, 2014
209 lbs.
Around 18% Body Fat
Current Weight – 05/01/15 – 195.8lbs
Body Fat 06/01/15 – 16.37%

“I would like to say a massive thank to James and the Allsports therapy team. Without their support I wouldn’t have been able to change my life and physique around. James has been a constant motivation and support for me to keep pushing my limits and reaching my targets.

He has helped me with nutrition, training, different techniques to stop plateau’s and keep progressing.

The biggest and best help has been in the treatment room. I have had some knots and tightening’s in my back that James has worked on with massage and acupuncture. I have had rotator cuff problems that we have worked on and sorted by doing exercises and treatment.

All in all I would recommend the Allsports Therapy team whether it is to lose weight, build muscle or have some treatment, these are the guys to help.”

Matthew week 1
Beginning of programme

Matthew week 12
End of intensive programme