Bespoke exercise programmes designed specifically for you

Your Exercise Programme

Thank you for attending for a consultation in our clinic and we hope you found the information gained from your therapist insightful and useful. You have now taken an important step to recovery and we look forward to seeing you progress. We want all of our patients to take control of their condition and by working closely with your therapist, you should be able to go about your daily activities and hobbies more comfortably, without the fear of worsening your condition.

We recognise that as a lot is often said and done in our sessions, you may not be able to remember everything. Your therapist may have therefore suggested a range of exercises that will help your recovery. These will be bespoke and personalised for you and your condition. So, here they are! Just follow these simple steps and keep them somewhere handy as to ensure you don’t miss out on a session.

  1. Just log-in with the password provided to you by your therapist.
  2. Select the file with your individual code and click download.
  3. When opening your file, you will need to enter another password that will also be given to you by your therapist.
  4. Enjoy! Perform your exercises as prescribed by your therapist as they are given to specifically help you and your condition.

Please do not download other patient’s exercise sheets. These are also password protected so will not be accessible to you.

If you have any questions regarding your exercise programme or if you are feeling any of the exercises are causing increased pain or worsening your condition, please get in touch with your therapist or the clinic manager.

Patient log-in