Performance & Injury Movement Screening

Taking a ‘prevention better than cure’ approach to your musckuloskeletal health

Whether you want to get an idea what physical condition your musculoskeletal system is in or if you want to find out more about what could be potentially limiting your performance in your sport or hobbies, then this is for you!

How this happens:

  • You book an appointment with one of our Sports Therapists or Physiotherapists (we will aim to get you in within a week of your call, the appointment will last around 1 hour and is the price of an initial consultation).
  • Your therapist will meet you in one of our clinics, where they will perform a spoken assessment followed by a physical assessment. This will be made specific to your needs.
  • From this, your therapist will discuss with you their findings and give you the first steps to improving your physical performance and achieving the goals you set out at the start of the session.

Team Performance and Injury Movement Screening

If you manage/coach a team and what to get the best out of your player’s physical performance, then this is for you! Please note that as a club you may be entitled to discounted rates on these packages.

We generally offer two different packages: ‘Performance’ & ‘Elite’ package. The Elite package comprises of 4 key stages:

  1. Postural and movement analysis: includes functional and sports specific movement assessments. From this, our health professionals can start to formulate clear movement and positional imbalances that could predispose the players to injury or hinder performance.
  2. Care plan: The practitioners formulate an appropriate plan of care designed to reduce injury risk, increase conditioning of individual players and improve performance; this advice is passed onto each individual player and (with the players consent) the coach.
  3. Feedback and results: This follows within 1 week of the team/players completing the full screening process and gives a constructive look at their individual results, what the appropriate plan of corrective exercise is needed and how to go about it.
  4. Health and body composition screening: Includes a battery of tests, individualised for your sport, and may include body fat, blood pressure, hydration and a VO2 test.

The Performance package includes stages 1-3 and therefore is not as comprehensive, but will give an indication as to any muscle/joint imbalances that may predispose a player to injury or inhibit performance.

This can be done either at your club (depending on location/facilities) or within one of our clinics.

For more information, please get in touch with your local Allsports Therapy clinic or email us at